Samuel Lowder

Teresa, anote aí! Para a nossa futura sala…

Time Machine

May 12- June 2, 2012

Reminiscent of light box movie posters from the thirties through the fifties, the works of Time Machine take us back to earlier eras, to look at classic cinematic themes with a fresh eye. Lowder’s pop art stylings guarantee sharply-executed collage work, filled with transparent layers and clearly delineated figures. Lowder began working on Time Machine as a stepping stone to a whole new kind of work, and the beginnings of this evolution are evident in the sophisticated color matches seen throughout the pieces while hints of a more abstract styling add an element of playfulness.

Samuel Lowder, known as “FrePrs” during his early 90’s graffiti days in L.A., has continually developed his art in new directions. No longer employing freehand graffiti, the artist uses layers of stencils to make an always evolving pop art and has shown his work in major cities around the nation.

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