Mayer Hawthorne Mixtape Soul With A Hole Vol. 1

Mayer Hawthorne voltando aos seus tempos de DJ. Com muito estilo, por sinal… Vale o confere!

01. Donald Jenkins And The Delighters “Music Revolution”
02. Otis Leavill “I Need You”
03. Erroll Gaye And The Imaginations “You Dont Want My Love”
04. Billy Harner “Fool Me”
05. Continental Four “How Can I Pretend”
06. The Tenth Dymentions “My Love For You Is Growing Wild”
07. JJ And G “Thats What I Get (For Loving You)”
08. Brothers Of Soul “A Lifetime”
09. Wes Wells And The Steelers “It Must Be Love”
10. Frankie Karl And The Dreams “Dont Be Afraid (Do As I Say)”
11. Four Mints “Row-Row-Row My Boat”
12. The Dynamic Tints “Be My Lady”
13. Final Decisions “Keep On Walking”
14. Dee Dee Warwick “Its Not Fair”
15. Carl Carlton “Dont Walk Away”
16. Sly, Slick And Wicked “Sho Nuff”
17. Jimmy (Soul) Clark “If I Only Knew Then (What I Know Now)”
18. The Original Breed “The Prophet”
19. The Prime Ministers “I Dont Know No More”
20. Deon Jackson “All On A Sunny Day”
21. The Marvelettes “As Long As I Know Hes Mine”
22. The Admirations “Don’t Leave Me”
23. The Toys “Whats Wrong With Me Baby”
24. The Ordells “Sippin A Cup Of Coffee”

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